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204 Pages
Publication date: January 2017
Imprint: Servus
Anika Schwingshackl

Fasting Effectively

A New Start with the Power of Nature

Fasting – it sounds like abstinence, like an empty plate and a rumbling stomach. But actually, it is about palatably improving your quality of life. With detailed descriptions of the effects food and herbs have on the body, all readers will find their own way to being good to themselves.

The long-term positive effect is to bring weight and well-being into balance, which enables the body to compensate for occasional ‘unhealthy’ eating. This new start is supported by knowledge of the scientifically proven healing powers of herbs. A programme of fasting that takes physical differences into account and is tailored to the needs and requirements of everyday life. It provides a practical guide to the 7-day fast, including shopping lists and recipes. And it is a book for thinking about the body that goes well beyond the 7 days.

This book is not just another crash diet book. It will bring joy to your healing life transformation.


Anika Schwingshackl

Anika Schwingshackl studied pharmacy in Graz and Melbourne and has been working as a hospital pharmacist at the Kardinal Schwarzenberg Klinikum in Schwarzach, Pongau since 2008.

As a coach, she has given lectures imparting fundamental knowledge on the active ingredients in plants as well as herbal preparations and the diverse ways they can be used in Traditional European Complementary Medicine (TEH) since 2012.