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72 Pages
Publication date: September 2015
Imprint: Servus
Robert Rottensteiner Thomas Brezina

The Saga Ship: To Mermaids and Dwarfs

The Third Journey

The fantastic new series of children’s books from Thomas Brezina and Robert Rottensteiner

Imagine you are standing on the shores of a lake – and suddenly, a ship flies over to you. Yes, really! It doesn’t come across the water, but out of the sky. It is an old ship with three tall masts and many colourful sails. The biggest sail is orange with blue stars, and the smallest is red with green stripes.

The ship comes right up to you. There’s someone on deck. He’s wearing a sailor’s cap and waving. He’s a young wild boar and his name is Nepomuk – Neppi for short. There’s also a woman with wild red hair on deck. On her head she wears a captain’s hat that looks like it might fall off at any moment. The jacket of her uniform is emerald green, with sky blue buttons. It’s Captain Huberta! Together with Sailor Neppi, she takes people into the magical world of the sagas – on the Saga Ship. Like Lilli and her brother Luis. The two of them have to solve fiendish puzzles and survive hair-raising adventures – otherwise the greatest stories ever told will be lost!

Are you ready for the journey?


Thomas Brezina

Thomas Brezina, born in 1963, is an Austrian author of books for children and young adults, as well as screenwriter, TV presenter and producer. He is particularly known for his book series The Knickerbocker Gang, A Case for You and The Tiger Team as well as the series Tom Turbo and the related television series.