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144 Pages
Publication date: February 2017
Imprint: Servus
Kevin Fortey Robert Haidinger

Giants in the Garden

And How to Grow Them

Growing unusually large fruit and vegetables is a trend increasing in popularity. Kevin Fortey has devoted himself to growing giant vegetables with his heart and soul. In this book, he shares his passion with other gardening enthusiasts.

Regular: 200 grams
Giant: 3,905 grams

Regular: 80 grams
Giant: 8,470 grams

Regular: 60 grams
Giant: 9,090 grams

These are the differences in size between normal vegetables and giant vegetables. Kevin Fortey, a Welshman through and through, knows no limits in gardening. He has grown pumpkins, cucumbers, curly kale and carrots to such dimensions that make the heart of any garden lover beat faster.

In this book he explains how to transform a standard pumpkin into a giant and a normal tomato into a show stopper. He has researched and tested everything you need to achieve these sizes, and wants to pass on his knowledge, secrets and enthusiasm to the next generation of gardeners and all other garden lovers.


»Large enough to feed the whole royal family.«
Charles, Prince of Wales


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Kevin Fortey

Kevin Fortey, born in Newport, South Wales, inherited his enthusiasm for giant vegetables from his father Mike. Following in his father’s footsteps, Kevin, together with his brother Gareth, have developed new varieties and technologies. The brothers hold a number of records, including the world record for the longest radish (2.23 meters). Kevin writes for gardening magazines, makes documentaries for the BBC and most recently, was a judge in the annual giant vegetable competition in Santa Rosa, California.