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256 Pages
Publication date: November 2016
Imprint: Servus
Johanna Maier

My Healthy Cooking

MY HEALTHY COOKING is the first cookbook by Michelin-starred and Gault Millau toque winning chef Johanna Maier that incorporates the experience and expertise she has gained from her studies in traditional European medicine.

Maier’s latest book is much more than just another cookery book: it is the first standard work on healthy cuisine by the »best female chef in the world«, inspired by her desire to spread traditional knowledge of the benefits of medicinal herbs and spices.

In the first part of the book, Maier gives a comprehensive introduction to the use of regional and seasonal produce, sharing her passion for herbs and spices. She is determined to show that cooking for ourselves more often is worthwhile, to remind ourselves of knowledge that has been passed down to us, and to eat around the table with family and friends – as we always used to. Because food tastes best when it is eaten together.

The recipes in the second part of the book, as always in Maier’s books, are a choice selection drawn from her copious experience and knowledge. For her, it is important that the healthy recipes can be cooked every day, as well as being full of flavour, wholesome and enjoyable.


»I wrote this book with the aim of reawakening the desire to cook and enjoy, and a curiosity for authentic ingredients.«
Johanna Maier

»Knowledge, craftsmanship, inspiration, health and enjoyment – Johanna Maier’s latest work has a place for everything.«
Austrian Business Woman

»… a wealth of information that genially and entertainingly shares knowledge on all aspects of a healthy diet … sprinkled with countless helpful tips.«
Kronen Zeitung


Johanna Maier

Johanna Maier is the first and so far only woman to have been honoured with four toques by Gault Millau and two Michelin stars. For this reason, many gourmets consider her to be the best female chef in the world. In 2010, the mother of four fulfilled her life-long dream of opening her own cookery school.