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80 Pages
Publication date: August 2020
Imprint: Servus
Karina Reichl

Ms. Grüns Gifts From Nature

Creative ideas from Ms. Grün’s nature workshop for all those who don’t want to buy but do on their own – with zero waste and without any chemicals.

Wild meadow salt, daisy pralines, dandelions in a glass or beeswax cloths with spruce resin: inspiration for lovely, practical and soothing gifts is found in the colourful diversity of nature.

Ms. Grün shows how to collect and process the green treasures and also how to package them in a resource-saving way. Simple do-it-yourself instructions with ingredients from the meadow, forest or your own garden for everyone, even those without a »craft gene«.

»In her new book, the blogger and herbal therapist invites you on an exploratory tour through forest, meadow and garden. You will be amazed what treasures you can find everywhere!«
Grüner Spiegel

»It is not only fun – you do yourself and the environment good with DIY from nature«

»The creative DIY ideas make you want to try them yourself.«
TV Butler

»A nice booklet, with inspiring ideas for decorations and simple recipes for small delicacies, to give away or keep for yourself.«


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Karina Reichl

Karina Reichl is a TEM practitioner, herbal therapist, forest pedagogue and has been blogging under the alias Fräulein Grün for years. She gives lectures and offers herbal walks, workshops on herbal medicine, natural cosmetics and forest bathing. On her blog she publishes a recipe with herbs and medicinal plants every week. In 2017 she was awarded the »Garden & Home Blog Award« for this.

Diesem modernen Heimatbegriff widmet sich der Servus-Buchverlag. Mit großer Leidenschaft haben wir den gesamten Alpenraum und seine Ausläufer mit seiner faszinierenden Natur, den besonderen Menschen und den vielfältigen Traditionen im Blick. Unsere Bücher machen unsere einzigartige Heimat für jedermann erlebbar. Aber wir wollen auch fast vergessenes Wissen in die Gegenwart holen und regionale Schätze heben. Als Teil der Servus-Familie mit Fernsehsender, Magazinen und Marktplatz möchten wir die Buchmacherkunst in der Gegenwart leben.